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  1. Version 4.6
  2. - GPU clocking improved by introducing GPU Clocking groups to support mixed clocking settings per GPU
  3. - Custom Online Services can be added to support any Yiimp compatible pool
  4. - Remote Proxy concept introduced to support very large scale mining operations
  5. - The Change Pool and Add Pool menus are redesigned to include a searchable pool selection dialog, to support a larger number of pools.
  6. - The Add Pool operation is added to the main toolbar and can be performed on all selected External Miners
  7. - The Pool Change operation is made available with more mining software for a Managed Miner in the web interface
  8. - SSH port configurable for External Miners
  9. - Display temperature for Innosilicon A4+ miners
  10. - Support for automatic configuration of Windows Defender
  11. - Improved batch command execution to allow execution when a miner is starting or stopping, for Managed Miners, Managed Profit Miners and per algorithm for Profit Profiles
  12. - Improved context menus and change detection for the Pool Balance feature
  13. - Number of active miners at Yiimp compatible pools displayed in the Online Services tab
  14. - Revenue and Profit displayed as separate columns in the Online Services tab
  15. - Multiple miners can be selected and removed in a single operation from the Miners tab in the main window
  16. - Enforce single instance of the Remote Agent application
  17. - Indonesian Rupiah added as display currency
  18. - Updates to Mining Dutch port numbers to avoid low difficulty ports by default
  19. - Updates to Zergpool URL's to support the new sub domains per algorithm
  20. - Claymore Dual Ethereum Miner 11.5
  21. - PhoenixMiner 2.7c
  22. - XMRig miner 2.4.5
  23. - CastXMR 0.9.0
  24. - Bminer 5.5
  25. - Correction to benchmarking of Excavator miner
  26. - Correction to Ignore GPU feature for the MSI Afterburner integration
  27. - Correction to display of pool balance where the coin is unknown
  28. - Correction to the profit switcher for disabled algorithms and custom pools
  29. - Correction to power cost calculations for the profit switcher
  30. - Correction to the Change pool action used via the Rules
  31. - Correction to activating the main window when started with the minimized option enabled
  32. - Minor corrections

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