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  1. An Electrician, Fitter expert, Motor Mechanic, Electronics Mechanic, Welding expert, or Draftsman civil expert is a tradesman who has specified training in stationary machines, electrical wiring of buildings, and relevant tools. Several business organizations despite their size like corporate companies, construction firms, and government companies to employ technicians in a variety of jobs.
  3. Engineering sustaining fitters service and repair industrial supplies and tools in a range of various sectors including power, manufacturing, and transport, etc. They work in workshops and companies in order to defend against the breakdown of segments, so dodging production shut-down or delays.
  5. So, if you are looking for a suitable institution to learn Fitter, Electrician, Motor Mechanic, Electronics Mechanic, Welding, and Draftsman civil courses, then VENNELA ITI can be the best option for you. You can talk to our career counselor to find out the best option as per your requirements. So, get in touch with us by using the contact details given here.

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